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Current information on our ability to deliver in relation to the Ukraine crisis

Ukraine crisis: Important information on the current situation

Due to the current events in the Ukraine and Russia, we would like to inform you about the current delivery situation at Antalis Verpackungen Germany and Austria.

As the situation in the Ukraine as well as in Russia is unclear and the developments are not developments are unpredictable, our attention is focused on our ability to deliver.

Currently, our ability to deliver is secured. We will inform you proactively about all relevant changes and innovations. You can rely on this!

The following binding statements can be made for Antalis Verpackungen Germany and Austria: Antalis Verpackungen Germany and Austria have no creditors from:

  • Russia
  • Ukraine

As of today, we as a company cannot foresee the effects that the events on the world market will have.

Naturally, we remain in close contact with our suppliers, customers and logisticpartners and are working on a stable supply situation for you.

We have compiled current information on the situation for you here:

We are saddened by the recent events.  We would like to express our sympathy for all employees and their families in your company who have been affected by the war and hope that this unspeakable situation will soon come to an end.